Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for taking an interest in volunteering. Lately there has been a marked increase in the options for those wishing to give back to their communities. Many schools are writing mandatory volunteerism into their curriculum, allowing students to earn class credits toward graduation, and many churches are encouraging their youth groups, classes, and even seniors’ groups to take part in differing volunteer endeavors. With the rising number of interested parties comes increasing options of where and how to get involved. We thank you for taking the time to consider us as a volunteering destination. The value you represent to our home and our elders is immeasurable.

Our activities department provides fun and stimulating recreational therapy to our elders.  We offer a wide variety of interesting ways volunteers can join our extended family. As an Eden affiliated home, we also provide our volunteers with more options than simply reading to the elderly or calling Bingo numbers. While these activities are of value, we have several other types of duties of which volunteers have taken ownership:

  • Assisting with activities: As a long term care facility, we have around 150 residents
  • Plant Care: Our facility is home to over three hundred live, green, growing plants, all of which require weekly watering and plant food attention. We also hold monthly Plant Club get-togethers, where we concentrate on any trimming, planting, or repotting that may need to be done. These chores are performed by the residents themselves, providing them with an opportunity to actively care for something, as opposed to the “care” they receive all day long. A volunteer could provide a much needed extra pair of hands at these endeavors.  In addition to Plant Club, one might pair up with a resident to trim plants in the hallways, water different areas of the building, or simply help keep our habitat fresh and green.
  • Pet Care:  We have, living in our home, around eighteen birds, one old cat, two young kittens,  a big, ancient Golden Retriever, and around a dozen fish. Many of the birds are out in common areas, while others reside in resident rooms with their companions. The dog and cats roam the facility freely, developing their own routines of visiting residents and staff; based largely on who hands out the most animal treats. These creatures all need care, be it watering or feeding, brushing or attention. The bird cages are deep cleaned weekly, as are the litter boxes. These animals provide the volunteer with several outlets for much needed, hands on assistance.
  • One-to-One visits: Some of our residents who live here twenty-four hours a day have a strong desire to take part in activities. In addition there are around thirty assisted living residents who are unable to participate in activities due to treatment schedules, differing abilities, etc. These individuals receive their daily dose of interaction through one-to-one visits performed in the comfort of their own rooms. Volunteers might find this to be an excellent opportunity to “adopt” a grandparent or connect with previous generations.

We provide them all with several activities seven days a week, every weekend, and even some evenings. One way to involve yourself is to assist with an event, helping pass refreshments or even taking center stage to perform. As we embrace variety, there are few limits to the ways one might become part of our Activity team.

The process of joining the ranks of volunteers in our home is simple, but must be handled sensitively and in accordance with the law as defined by the Department of Inspections and Appeals. They mandate that all individuals (staff, volunteers, some visitors etc.) must successfully pass a criminal background check through the State of Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

Ready to join in the fun, contact Michelle Silvey at [email protected].